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If you haven’t seen this animated video, you’re missing out.

Christopher Ryan was recently in a Shrimp Parade episode of JRE along with Duncan Trussell. He is the writer of the controversial book, Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray and What it Means. You could call him a sex expert, but nobody thought his expertise reached into the realm of animals. Watch the wonderfully animated story and listen to Joe and Christopher’s commentary below.

Original Video

Joe and Christopher Ryan ReCap the Video

The “HOW DARE YOU” T-Shirt

Christopher Ryan talked with Joe about how accurate the video was to real life, all of the details the artist, Dave Anderson, put into the piece. The references to the seventies were spot on and his caricatures of the artists were stellar.

One of the highlights in the video was Joe’s shirt that read “HOW DARE YOU.” Christopher Ryan thought that was actually one of Joe’s shirts, but it turns out it’s not. Joe says “no, that’s just something I say alot.” It sure is Joe. It sure is. So what else is the internet going to do than make that shirt. So here it is. The folks from JRE shop caught wind of this video and created the “HOW DARE YOU” t-shirt. Go and check it out on their site.