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On Episode 1043 of JRE, Joe Rogan announced Duncan Trussell has finally moved back to California. Brian Redan and Joe were discussing the pitfalls of living in New York and mentioned how the New York winter was too much for Duncan Trussell, so Duncan decided to move back to California.

Joe said “we will be doing a Shrimp Parade.”

For those unfamiliar, Shrimp Parade is a collaborative podcast consisting of Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan. Two of the seven Shrimp Parade episodes have been aired on The Joe Rogan Experience (episodes #739 and #433).

For a long awaited comeback like Duncan Trussell, one could only imagine the setting will be at the new JRE studio. Duncan’s last appearance was on episode 863, so he has never even seen the new studio. After an almost two hundred episode long hiatus, the beloved JRE regular should be coming soon.

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