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1. Radiolab

Radiolab my be the only podcast on this list that hasn’t been inspired by JRE. It’s been around since 2002 and Joe states in many episodes Radiolab is one of the podcasts that inspired him.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it deals with mainly philosophical and scientific subjects. JRE listeners who enjoy the Neil Degrasse Tyson episodes will particularly enjoy Radiolab.

2. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History teaches you history the way it should have been done in school. Instead of lifelessly listing off dates and events, Dan Carlin weaves the stories of these great occurrences in Earth’s history in a fascinating, even entrancing way.

In terms of methodology, it’s quite the opposite of Joe’s podcast. Dan Carlin does his shows solo and they’re scripted out. This ensures quality and accuracy while allowing Dan Carlin to express himself freely.

3. Sam Harris’s Waking Up

You know whenever you see an episode of JRE that has surpassed four hours, it’s something special. I urge everyone to check out this four and a half hour episode of JRE where at the end both are astonished that it had been that long. In fact, Jamie had to tell them to stop because he was running out of space on his computer.

Sam Harris sticks to mainly philosophical arguments, but has insights into technology, science (he’s a neuroscientist), religion and plenty of politics. See if you can wrap your head around his argument with Trump advocate Scott Adams.

4. Jocko Podcast

Just listen to the intro of Jocko’s podcast with Jordan Peterson. It lasts a little over ten minutes and there isn’t a second wasted. You can tell Jordan is taken back by Jocko’s extraordinarily written introduction. It’s honorable and dynamic.

Jocko’s podcasts deals with many heavy subjects- death, discipline, war. It’s probably one of the healthiest podcasts someone can listen to on this list.

5. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr’s been podcasting about as long as Joe and has gathered a substantial fanbase from it. There are no guests. Only Bill Burr ranting. And it’s great.

Bill Burr’s one of the rare comics where you can see he is the kind of guy his own comedy speaks to. He has such a strong relationship with his audience because he is one of them. His Monday morning rants fuel the no bullshit crowd he preaches to.

6. Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan Peterson hit the JRE fanbase quick and hard. Peterson has only been on a few times but his episodes surpass two million views on Youtube and are some of the highest rated Joe’s ever done. Peterson’s episodes on Youtube are no different.

Jordan Peterson’s Youtube episodes cover relevant philosophical concepts. Check out his message to millennials.

7. The Tim Ferris Show

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8. The Fighter and The Kid

The Fighter and The Kid combines the powerful personalities of Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub. If you’ve ever seen JRE’s fight companions and wanted more, look no further than The Fighter and The Kid.

The Fighter and The Kid will cover an array of topics, especially if a guest is thrown in. But of course they specialize in MMA. Brendan provides very relevant analysis considering he was once of the top heavyweights in the UFC.

9. Church of What’s Happening Now

Joey FUCKING Diaz.

10. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist┬áHistory

Malcolm Gladwell is widely known for his groundbreaking books that interweave heavy journalism and scientific studies. His podcast is no different.

Malcolm Gladwell has a way of telling the story behind great stories. Just take this episode for example. Every basketball knows about Wilt Chamberlain’s one hundred point game. But not many know that thirty points that night were attributed to his granny style throwing of the free throw.

11. Your Mom’s House

This is some weird shit.

It can be difficult for some people to get into this podcast because it’s so strange, especially when watched. There are a multitude of awkward moments and so much of the podcast is purely strange. Beware of the inside jokes. There are so many.

However, Tom Segura and Chirstina P. are some of the funniest comedians out today and they have built quite the unique podcast.

12. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

He’s philosophical. He’s spiritual. He’s wise beyond his years and he’s fucking hilarious. Duncan Trussell has the kindness of a child and his podcast glows with his presence.

A long time JRE guest, Duncan Trussell provides great insights into religion and philosophy.

13. Under the Skin with Russell Brand

Just his personality alone should be enough to drive people to Russell Brand’s podcast.

Undoubtedly people have heard of him either by his stand up, movies, or prominent popular presence. Those people may be surprised to see his podcasts in their current state. Russell Brand has gone back to his formal education learning religious studies and it shows.

14. The Saad Truth

Gad Saad is a frequent guest of JRE and has made waves in the political discussions associated with Joe’s guests. He’s had some of the best guests on and provides a very educated approach to the discussions.

15. Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank

Ari Shaffir has a quick New York style of thinking and talking. He can be rude and off putting. But it’s interesting to see him change during podcasts.

He becomes very attentive and interested during his podcasts. One thing you can always expect from Ari is his truthful, sometimes offensive, perspective.

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