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We can try, but most of us can’t watch every episode. Over the past year, you may have wondered if you skipped over some amazing episodes and it’s killing you. We’ve been there.

So we decided to look back over the year and collect a few of the best episodes that didn’t get the attention they deserved. This list is composed considering the following- amount of view on youtube as a gauge for popularity (we know there are multiple platforms, but we picked Youtube to make it simple), and quality of content.

Let us know what you think of our list and drop us a comment if you think we slept on one ourselves!

1. Jeff Evans and Bud Brutsman

Episode: #977

Youtube Views: 581,000

Jeff Evans and Bud Brutsman are high altitude helicopter rescuers. Basically, these two brave men willingly risk their lives for stranded climbers. The stories they share range from tragic and horrifying to moving and powerful.

Some people may have been turned off by Bud Brutsman being Joe’s neighbor. I mean, with all of the guest requests out there, Joe brings his neighbor of all people on the podcast. However, after the episode is finished, you will feel anything but regret.

2. Will MacAskill

Episode: #930

Youtube Views: 576,000

Will MacAskill take altruism to its very limit. It’s what he lives by and is passionate about. Most people would never dream of giving away the kind of money Will does.

It’s a sobering, but very important episode of JRE. He’s unique in his subject matter and they stay on some pretty heavy topics.

3. Courtney Dauwalter

Episode: #1027

Youtube Views: 798,000

Yes, there’s almost 800,000 views, so this one isn’t as much of a sleeper as the rest. But considering what this woman did, she deserves millions.

Courtney Dauwalter is an extremely long distance runner. She is the winner of the MOAB 240, which is a 240 mile foot race that lasts over the course of three to five days. Half of the registrants usually drop out, and you can guarantee the winner is a complete savage.

4. Julie Kenzie

Episode: #933

Youtube Views: 601,000

Ok, how does a clip from this episode have almost twice as many views as the episode itself?

You may have watched the scene in this episode where Joe actually sheds a few tears talking about the heart these MMA fighters have. This is the high point of this episode, but the whole thing is amazing.

5. Peter Schiff

Episode: #1002

Youtube Views: 990,000

Again, this episode isn’t as much of a sleeper as the rest, but we can pretty much guarantee it will have more views in the future and people will come back to this episode.

Peter Schiff is a business man who’s wealth resides in the top one percent of the one percent. He’s really rich.

However, he strongly discourages an investment that is growing exponentially in today’s market- bitcoin.

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